Sort an array of File objects by last modified date in Java

 * Sorts an array of Files by the last modified date property; if the second
 * parameter is "desc", then sorting is done descending order, otherwise
 * it will be ascending. 
 * @param fList : An array of Java "File" objects, not sorted
 * @return File[] : An array of Java "File" objects, sorted by last modified date
 * @author C. Peter Chen
 * @date 20080527
public static File[] sortFilesByLastModDate(File[] fList, String order) {
	Arrays.sort(fList, new Comparator() {
		public int compare(File file1, File file2) {
			if ("desc".equals("order")) {
				return (int)(file2.lastModified() - file1.lastModified());
			else {
				return (int)(file1.lastModified() - file2.lastModified());
	return fList;

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